My thoughts are my Tweets, or vice versa !!!

By Mohamed Elhachmi Hamdi

Part 1

I started tweeting in my dedicated English twitter account at 12:05 GMT, 10 Nov 2017

First tweet

Hello to All. My name is Mohamed Elhachmi Hamdi (Ph.D), SOAS graduate (University of London), Leader of Tayyar Al Mahabba Party in Tunisia and fourth placed presidential candidate in the 2014 elections; author of “the Politicisation of Islam” (Colorado: Westview Press, 1988).



10 Nov 2017

A man built a lovely house, but left it one brick short from the front side. People were admiring it but saying: if only that brick was put in place. That was the line of prophets missing one P. Muhmmad said: I am that brick and I am the seal of the prophets.



10 Nov 2017

One day a sheep was slaughtered in the prophet’s home. He asked his wife: what’s left of it? she says: all gone to poor needy people except its shoulder. He replied: all remained except its shoulder. What you give is what you earn!


10 Nov 2017

A #Muslim is not a hateful or a nasty person. Indeed, a true Muslim should “love to his brother what he loves for himself”. That is what Prophet Muhammad said


11 Nov 2017

Did you notice that those involved in the #LasVegasShooting and #TexasShooting were not described as terrorists by President #Trump and the media? Do you know why? Very obvious: because they were not #Muslims. That is #Islamophobia


12 Nov 2017

If you want God to help you then help your fellow human beings. That’s what prophet #Muhammad advised #Muslim to do. We should all help each other.


12 Nov 2017

Dear President #realDonaldTrump 60.000 people marched through Warsaw and chanted “White Europe” & “Pray for an Islamic Holocaust”. #Muslims around the world would welcome a strong condemnation from you to this hatred, racism and xenophobia.


12 Nov 2017

Why do we forget that Adam is our father, I mean all of us humans? Shouldn’t we treat each other kindly?


13 Nov 2017

I invite all of you to reflect on the reasons why #Islam has remained so attractive and has captivated the hearts of hundreds of millions of people and the new tens of thousands of newcomers into its ranks.


13 Nov 2017

A smile is a precious gift, or nice word too, or a compliment. One dosn’t need money to show kindness.


13 Nov 2017

If you help others, God will help you. that is a teaching of #Muhammad , Prophet of #Islam .


13 Nov 2017

A very thirsty man found a well. He went down and drank. As he came up he saw a very thirsty dog. He went back to the well, brought water in his shoe and saved the dog. God loved it and forgave his sins because of that. From the teachings of Prophet #Muhammad


15 Nov 2017

Slavery existed in Jewish, Muslim and Arab societies before the rise of #Islam in the 7th century. Islam came and affirmed the dignity of all human beings, and opened numerous gates to eliminate slavery.


16 Nov 2017

Prophet Muhamad taught his followers to be honest: Truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to Paradise. A man keeps on telling the truth until he becomes a truthful person.


16 Nov 2017

Prophet Muhamad warned his followers that the habit of lying leads to wickedness snd evil-doing, this leads to the (Hell) Fire. A man may keep on telling lies till he is written before Allah, a liar.”


17 Nov 2017

Be good with others. Smile in their faces. Help them as much as possible. If you find a stone or a thorn in the way, move it away. Thus taught us the Prophet of #Islam #Muhammad peace be upon him.



17 Nov 2017

#Muhammad the prophet of #Islam was offered power, money and prestige by the leaders of Quraish, but he rejected them all strongly He had a message & a mission: that all mankind know #Allah their creator, worship Him alone and do not associate with Him anything else.


18 Nov 2017

This PC in front of you, your mobile phone as well, or your car: are they inventions made by a creative maker or found by accident and have on-maker? The same applies to man & to this vast universe around him. They definitely have a greater creative creator, God Almighty. #Islam



معلومات عنّا Dr. Hechmi Hamdi

Mohamed Elhachmi Hamdi (Ph.D), SOAS graduate (University of London), Leader of Tayyar Al Mahabba Party in Tunisia and fourth placed presidential candidate in the 2014 elections; author of “the Politicisation of Islam” (Colorado: Westview Press, 1988); “The Making of an Islamic Political Leader” (Colorado: Westview Press, 1988); “Muhammad for the Global Village” (Riyadh: Maktaba Dar-us-Salam, 2008). Email:

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